02:34 13.01.2012
Innovation heating system (1)

Heating systems, to which the Germans were sizing in the past year, is now becoming very popular. Rapidly increasing demand for systems that operate on recycled wood. An important factor is the positive attitude towards them environmentalists. Due to the sharp increase in prices of oil and gas in the heating season this year in Germany proved pretty costly. Naturally, the tree immediately proved beneficial alternative fuel. Sales of heating systems has grown rapidly, which led to a boom in the market of Germany. Expensiveness of oil and gas combustion systems has led to the abandonment of most of them read more…

17:10 10.01.2012

Germany takes the fifth part of the grain production in the EU. This is mainly rye, oats and barley. Spring barley is specially grown some varieties for the production of beer. In Bavaria there is a large area of ​​hop. Growing fodder beet and maize, which is used as green fodder and silage, and other root crops and grasses (clover, alfalfa) is important. But from oilseed crops, canola crops exceed 10 times sunflower crops. Vegetables and tobacco are grown mainly in the south- west of Germany. Hillsides Southern Germany, district Hafelskih Lakes neighborhood Halle and lower reaches of the Elbe read more…

08:37 10.01.2012
Animal husbandry

More than two fifths of the marketable products gives cattle from which quarter accounted for milk. In second place – pig. Country 100% systematically exceeds its self-sufficiency. In a well-moistened alpine and coastal areas are many meadows and pastures. Therefore, they are characterized by dairy and beef cattle. Winter in Germany pretty cool, because it is practiced livestock housing. Location livestock farms producing veal, pork and broiler production is not dependent on natural factors. First place in the EU milk production is Germany. Only France, this country is inferior in terms of livestock production, grain production and agricultural production.

05:29 10.01.2012

In Germany, a highly developed agriculture. Over 70% of total commodity output of agriculture is livestock, which meets the needs of the crop. Therefore, under the cultivation of fodder crops involved considerably more space than for growing food. In Germany, practiced mostly small family farms. Larger-sized farms are mainly in the east of Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein. A South and Central Germany is dominated by small farms. In those areas where the soil is fertile, cultivated corn (much of which is imported), barley and sugar beet. Less fertile soils are used to grow potatoes, oats, rye and fodder crops. Technological read more…

05:53 09.01.2012

Frankfurt – one of the largest financial centers and transport. It is a city rich in history and traditions, cuisine and culture. It is located on the banks of the River Main. His story begins in 1240, when there were first conducted medieval international trade fairs. Römerberg is the center of the city. It has been carefully restored after the war. There is a fountain, which, according to tradition, once tossed wine. The most important attraction of the city is home to the birthplace of the famous poet Goethe. Frankfurt boasts a huge number of museums. On the famous museums read more…

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